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Free Market Analysis Dexter

Utilize free market analysis in Dexter! Economic conditions in the community are currently neutral. In the area, $420,250 is the median sale price of houses, according to rockethomes.com in March 2023. Since this time last year, that number has increased by $47,250, or by 12.7%. Five homes sold last month. Being aware of these trends will put you in a unique position to maximize profits on the sale through strategic pricing!

You shouldn’t resort to guessing games when it comes to pricing your house, nor should you utilize internet valuation tools. Both of these approaches can result in inaccurate numbers that may result in your house being listed for too high an amount of money, which generally wards people away who may otherwise be interested in your property. That’s why you should only set a dollar amount based on proper research.

A CMA can help your sale considerably! Being aware of market conditions matters, and selecting comp properties from among those that have recently closed will put you in a unique position to get what you’re looking for. You’ll want to look at ones in your immediate neighborhood as close in size and build style as possible. It can help give you a better idea of how to price competitively!

A real estate agent will also tell you that comparing the final sale prices of those homes to their initial listing amount is integral when it comes to determining this information and how it can impact you. Schedule a free consultation via the internet with your leading local real estate professional to get where you want to go. You won’t be let down by the results!

  • Free market analysis Dexter can help sellers.